Shyla Evans | San Francisco


“When the erotic and tender are mixed in a woman, they form a powerful bond – a fixation.”

Anais Nin

Hello Darling, I’m so glad that you’re here! Perhaps you stopped by because you feel a flutter in your chest as you daydream about an escape with a mysterious muse…Or maybe you yearn for a carefree respite of bliss where the clock ceases to exist, even if only for a fleeting moment.

Years of traversing the country and abroad have bestowed me with the gifts of humility, broad perspectives, introspection and greater understanding of myself, and the ability to flow gracefully between different worlds. I have curated a life for myself that is entirely self-directed and full of wanderlust and mystery. While I thrive without restrictions, the current chapter of my life is also about incorporating this familiar carefree air with my newfound enjoyment for business and success.

Upon first glance, you will be entranced by my long, lean, super-model physique, and the allure of my lovely face. The spark in my eyes and the way I hold your gaze will hint at a more sensual and mischievous endeavor. However, you also will realize soon enough that my compassionate smile will melt away any apprehensions and nervousness you may have. My sweet, playful laugh comes easily and sets the tone for lightheartedness and ease. Yet my ability to engage in topical conversation and my humanitarian nature will reveal that I am a substantive woman of myriad interests who has experienced much and lived fully.

I am a firm believer that my raison d’etre is to embrace and savor every moment; indulge every one of my whims, desires, and fantasies; and never stopping short of striving to achieve my fullest potential.

Now I dare you to do the same and navigate this wildly enchanting adventure of a life with me. Reach out to me now, and let’s embark on a journey we will not soon forget!



At a glance

Age 27
Height 5’8”
Hair Brunette/Blonde
Eyes Blue Green
Ethnicity Eastern and Northern European
Bust Size 32B
Dress Size X-Small, 2-4
Shoe Size 8.5 – 9 U.S.
Body Type Slim fit
Tattoos A few small tattoos that are in the removal process
Smoker No
Alcohol On some social occasions
Languages English, some Spanish